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Mordechai Guri, Ph.D

Mordechai Guri is the head of Offensive Cyber Research Lab, in the  Department of Software and Information Systems Engineering, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. He earned his B.Sc. and M.Sc from the Computer Science Department at Hebrew University and received his Ph.D. from BGU. He was awarded the prestigious IBM Ph.D. International Fellowship in 2015. Mordechai manages academic research in various aspects of cyber security for the commercial and governmental sectors. He has led a number of breakthrough research projects in cyber security, focusing primarily on state of the art challenges in the fields of cyber attack and cyber defense. Mordechai examines current paradigms and develops new methods for improved mitigation of security problems in the modern cyber environment. His research topics include OS security, advanced malware, moving target defense (MTD), mobile security and embedded systems.

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